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PH SUCCESS JET COMMERCE INC. are committed to providing one-stop baby care services for mothers and babies, and we have never stopped.

2009 year

The yoboo brand was established and registered as a trademark, producing breast pumps, feeding bottle, tableware, etc.

2010 year

All yoboo feeding products were widely spread by working mothers in Japan. It is easier and convenient to accomplish breast feeding, and help women build confidence in breast feeding.

2011 year

Osaka Infant Development Research Center was established in conjunction with Japan Association od Obstetricians and Gynecologists: by studying baby development physiology and psychology, the infant feeding method and infant physique were improved.

2012 year

The BARMETRIC pulse electric breast pump with AirSpiral lactation technology was launched.

2015 year

yoboo launched the complementary food series, which can effectively undertake breast feeding, in response to the advocacy of the World Health Organization for 2 years of breast feeding, and guard the growth of baby with Japanese high quality.

2018 year

yoboo became the brand trustrd by 1 million mothers. In the same year, the one-piece fresh-keeping breast pump was launched, which is directly connected for suction to prevent secondary contamination and keep fresh.

2020 year

At the outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of the year, yoboo provided 1,000 sterilisers and nutrition care products free of charge to guarantee the nutrition and health of pregnant women and infants.

2021 year

yoboo fully put into Southeast Asia market to provide strong support and guarantee for working mothers in Southeast Asia.